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Greetings from Bulgaria

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Greetings from Bulgaria Empty Greetings from Bulgaria

Post  al27 18/3/2024, 21:33

My name is Andrey, 51, from Bulgaria.

I used to be a member here (from 2016, as andlaz), but my old account got recently deleted due to inactivity.

As it happens that was just as I was getting again into simracing after a long break, it kind of comes in periods since I
have varying interests (not to mention job and family), including flight simulation and scale modelling, and tend to spend sizable chunks of time mostly focused on one of those, usually at the expense of the others hobbies.

How did I hear about EEC I honestly don't remember, it was probably in search of skins for filling up GTR2 ALMS grids I think Smile

As for which sims I race, it's various (the usual suspects, I only race offline), but seem to always keep coming back to GTR2 for offline endurance championships, mostly ALMS.

I'm neither modder nor skinner, can do programming (which is my job) but usually prefer to leave that out of my personal time nowadays.


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