Hello Guys !!!!

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Hello Guys !!!!

Post  Joao Marcos Godoy on 23/8/2017, 20:29

1-Hello my name is João Marcos Godoy people call me just João Marcos or "Godoy" I am 25 year old.
2-I'm from Brazil
3-I play rfactor1, autombilista, race07.
4-I find EEC by mod that I was looking for to rfactor1 ( here I find such good mods) and then I find the EEC group on facebook.
5-Yes I run weekly in other leagues.
6-yes I have a lot of time on sundays to run online1
7-Yes I know a little bit about modding and more about do a skin.
8-Any problem for you if we give access only for some Mods? no problem.
9-Are you here only to grab mods and then leave us? I'd like to run with you online. I am using one of your mods on my league but I really want to run with you too.
10-I am very fun and responsible too, I know to do things Seriously, I try to be polite and kind to others.
I am tattoo artist, like to draw, and run on simracing. thats it!

thank you guys!!
Joao Marcos Godoy

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Re: Hello Guys !!!!

Post  Marauder on 23/8/2017, 21:11


Chad Bartrum

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