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Hi everyone....

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Hi everyone....

Post  batukhan on 16/10/2016, 17:55

What's your real name, age?  Jennings  Winfrey

From where you are? Atlanta ,Ga....but I live in Houston ,Tx now

Which Sim games do you play?  Racing : GTR2, Race 07, GTR Evolution, Marvel ultimate alliance.

How did You know about EEC Team? (If its a friend or from a different site please tell write who it is too) Was fortunate enough to run across it while looking for a Le Mans mod for GTR2

Do you ever race online? Very rarely, I would love to but I never have the time with my work being very sporadic and the hours always changing, I work shift work at a huge refinery

Do you have enough free time to run on sundays? (Only important if you want to drive online) I don't have the time every sunday but perhaps one day I'll give it a try

Do you know something about modding, skinning? I've learned quite a bit but not enough for skinning....know how to adjust car physics etc...

Any problem for you if we give access only for some Mods? None at all, something is better than to know guys that enjoy gtr2 as much as i do....this is an excellent stress reliever for me and I actually attend racing events in the U..S.A ....Daytona 24 hr , Petit lemans , CIrcuit of Americas....and Sebring once

Are you here only to grab mods and then leave us? Of course not..., I enjoy being involved with a forum and gentlemen who share the same passion as
I do

Please, write a few words about you (hobbies, sports, job, etc): Been employed in the chemical process industry for 18yrs ( process technician ) divorced with to beautiful daughters ( twins ) in college that I AM EXTREMELY proud of , have a love for fast cars ...had a Ford Mustang Saleen , C-6 corvette , with upgraded heads ,big cam ,intake etc....currently own a beautiful BMW M4 ....LIKE RACING !!!! TOYING WITH CARS IS MY HOBBY...and blessed with some of the greatest daughters in the world....( THEY went to Daytona 24 hr with me twice ,Petit lemans numerous times lol ) maybe by force lol  Laughing

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