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Hi guys

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Hi guys Empty Hi guys

Post  ETRun36 28/9/2019, 02:41

Hi all,

I´m Marcelo Videla (ETRun36) from Argentina.

I´m 58 years old and I use car racing programs from Indycar RACING II and GP2 in the middle of 90´s, later, I really enjoyed TOCA and TOCA 2 (not those who followed them), GPL (!!!), F1C (and tons of your mods), GP3 & GP4, NR2003, GTL and the RACE series.

Today, my preferences are with rfactor 2 & AMS and, in my hd, is still rfactor.

Currently, I have got many of the best simulators of this era but I always return to GTR2, that despite the thirteen years that have passed since its publication, I'm still surprised by its versatility and the fun it can give.

I am not a modder but I really enjoy (as much as driving) editing files to customize series and paint skins.

I found this site looking for mods for GTR2 years ago, and next to the closed nogrip I found the best options by far. Since then I have returned many times and I always find something that revives my favorite simulator and I applaud and thank you for the enormous work that other fans offer to share.

So, this is me..and I now make the presentation that I should have done a long time ago.

Dozens of names that appear regularly in the forum sound for me like people with whom I had frequent contact in daily life, so this is to thank them for staying there.

Marcelo VIDELA (Argentina) aka ETRun36


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