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Can-Am Revelations 2.0

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Can-Am Revelations 2.0 Empty Can-Am Revelations 2.0

Post  humpmedumpme on Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:33 am

Hey folks, as you know from the Ford VS Chevy mini mod I released last week, I'm re-doing Antonio's Can-Am Revelations mod. Here is a video showing all of the cars that make up Seasons 1,2 and 3 and contains of all of the 60s cars from the original mod. It's not the best video I've made as for some reason, when I upload it to youtube, somehow youtube doubles the video to run twice as 1 video! It should have only been 2:53 and it's 5:47 long so when it restarts halfway through, just quit watching unless you want to watch it twice sarcastic lol!

@Kevin (khan) I don't understand why but your release of the Road America I use for these videos is one of the only tracks I can make videos on without too much lag happening in the video!?! That's great and all but have you any idea why this is when smaller, less detailed tracks cause me all sorts of grief trying to get video from?

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