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Lets do this Presentation

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Lets do this Presentation

Post  SAMSONLOLWIN on 4/2/2013, 09:09

Hi everybody
My name is Samson and im 16 years old. You can find me at a lot of different cart tracks in lot of different countries like germany,belgium,poland... or at the Nordschleife which is in my opinion the best racing track ever. About 6 years ago i started with playing GTR2 just for one reason , I searched a VLN/24H game. Today I paint and search cars for my collection but also i try to challenge with other guys online, mostly on the Nürbrugring Nordschleife.

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Samson Frydel

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Re: Lets do this Presentation

Post  leochabu on 4/2/2013, 16:06

Well guy...
We are a community that work hard to let stuffs fine and to have fun in online races.

We don't just get some cars to our collection, cuz this is what Arcade players do.

We are not AI drivers, ok?

We have leagues that we really participate with heart and mind. Dunno how you can imagine you can get something here if you don't like to take a compromise with us.

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