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A question

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A question

Post  Manmilk_Fanboy on 1/12/2018, 01:28

Hello, I have a question. Now I read the FAQs and all, followed directions as best I can however, I still find myself unable to access locked forums marked "special access". Is there anything I need to do in order to get these privileges? Lastly, I'm not simply looking to take advantage of people's work and I'm not one of those "gimme gimme" people, I simply heard of others' works and wished to try them for myself and appreciate them. I believe modding is very much an art and I appreciate all the work others' put in! However, I don't have the skills and resources to make mods or skins unfortunately.
No negativity intended. Just somthing I was wondering.

If any admins can answer this question, I would be glad.

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Re: A question

Post  Sylphide on 1/12/2018, 01:48

10 reputation points given from other users.

Basically like I stated in another thread, reputation points is not something I can manually add and I wouldnt even if i could. Like alot of others you got to participate in the forum and contribute in anyway, be that helping find logos or uploading long lost skins/mods, your kinda at the will of the people here. You cant just post an intro and then do nothing and expect to get access.

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Troy Barman

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