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Another hello from Australia

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Another hello from Australia

Post  John Kerry on 27/10/2018, 08:08


My name is John Kerry.
I am 34 years old.
I live in Australiia.

About a year and a bit ago I started racing GTR2 and I still do . I then got Copa Petrobras..., which led me to buy AMS. and I love it After trying more modern sims which I did not like I bought Race 07 with all the addons and I love it also. I spend most of my time playing AMS.

I am not a modder or skinner. I simply do not have enough time.

I heard about EEC when I was looking for mods for AMS through the net and at other racing forums.

I mainly wanted to be a member because of the mods you have and the great forum support you offer.

So I like motorsports, have most of my life. Of course my main indoor hobby is sim racing but I also love the outdoors, bushwalking etc and I enjoy helping in social services. As a EEC member I hope I can get better at sim racing and if I can help with any feedback I am more than willing.
John Kerry
John Kerry

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Age : 34
Location : Australia

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Re: Another hello from Australia

Post  yuca on 3/11/2018, 11:30



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