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Post  Dexter249 on Tue 4 Sep - 21:52

I'm Daniel Bouchard, 15 (turning 16 in November) From Ottawa, Canada.
I race GTR2, various DiRT games and Project CARS 2, If I tried to mod or skin anything it would probably be worse than the performance of the Lotus Elise GT1. So I don't mod and skin.
I want to be a member due to the great mods that are available here, mainly due to the death of NoGrip it's really hard to find mods for GTR2. In this day and age GTR2 is still a great sim, I played the game so long ago, I only just bought the game again and I've wanted mods for it, so this is my introduction. I'm probably going to do a few things here and there but don't expect anything big, I'm mainly here for the driving thrill and to experience new cars, tracks and more in GTR2.

Daniel Bouchard
GTR2 Driver since I was 3
literal Keyboard Warrior.

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Re: Hello!

Post  Mezmaryse on Wed 5 Sep - 20:51

Welcome to the forum thumbs

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.

If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.

Everything comes to those who wait... except a cat.

- Mario Andretti

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