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Hallo from Italy!

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Hallo from Italy!

Post  Gianmarco on 13/8/2018, 20:55

Hi guys my name is Gianmarco, I'm from Italy, I'm 21.
-What Sims do you race? I play every kind of Sim but AC is my favorite.
-Are you a Modder or Skinner? I'm a skinner, if you're on RaceDepartment you'll find me under the "bastoner97" name, i've uploaded a lot of skins for AC, and I've been part of Race Sim Studio for the GT1 project.
-How did you hear about European Endurance Center? I was searching for GTR 2 mods Very Happy
-Why do you want to be a member? Main reason is to find people that likes to race online, because I'm tired of Public Lobbies Very Happy (Not now unfortunately cuz my G27 broke down last week Evil or Very Mad ).

I'm a big Motorsport member, my father aswell, he pass the torch to me when I was a little kid and we went to see races in Vallelunga. I like both cars/motorcycles, my favorite F1 driver is Kimi, and favorite team.. well I'm Italian.. you can imagine Very Happy. I go to Monza every year now, since 2015 Very Happy, but my best motorsport memory is Misano 2015, first (and only for now) time for a MotoGP race, when at the end of the race Valentino waved at the crowd where I was at. I will never forget that moment Very Happy

Gianmarco Fiduci

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Re: Hallo from Italy!

Post  yuca on 15/9/2018, 16:26



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Post  XGC3 on 20/10/2018, 14:29

Welcome to the community!

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Re: Hallo from Italy!

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