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Greetings, this is my presentation

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Greetings, this is my presentation

Post  Marf4m on 17/7/2018, 03:34

-What is your name?
My name is Marfam Silva. Yes.. Marfam
-What is your age?
I'm 17 years old
-Where are you located?
-What Sims do you race?
Currently Rfactor, GTR2 and GTR Evolution
-Are you a Modder or Skinner?
No, I'm not.. unfortunately
-How did you hear about European Endurance Center?
I think I was searching for a decent GT3 mod for GTR2,then I bumped here somehow..
-Why do you want to be a member?
I'll be honest here, part of it is because of the mods, the other part is because this is a reliable place to find content and play online with friendly people...
-Write a short paragraph about you, your interests and what you'd like to accomplish by being an EEC Member
I always had interest in motorsports...I really enjoy the thrill of racing and competing against pilots that are equally or slightly better than myself, this is my main motivation.
I expect that I can become a better driver,pilot or whatever you want to call me lol! and others hopefully can improve their skills competing against me.
I think that's it. thumbs

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Re: Greetings, this is my presentation

Post  yuca on 15/9/2018, 16:18

please add a tag line like in the rules


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