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Post  dilut3210 on 17/7/2018, 01:01

-What is your name?
My name is Tudor Draghiciu

-What is your age?
I'm 17 years old

-Where are you located?
I'm from Bucharest, Romania

-What Sims do you race?

-Are you a Modder or Skinner?
I don't consider myself a great skinner, but I can create basic skins

-How did you hear about European Endurance Center?
I was searching for modern GTs mods and this is where I found the best results

-Why do you want to be a member?
I want to become a member for the league races

-Write a short paragraph about you, your interests and what you'd like to accomplish by being an EEC Member
I like to go for bike rides and paint. As a member i would like to race online and share some of my skins

Tudor Draghiciu

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Re: Hello

Post  rich54 on 17/7/2018, 01:16


Richard Kost-[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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