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Hi after a few months

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Hi after a few months

Post  Guest on 22/2/2018, 02:44

-What is your name?

-What is your age?
Do I have to because I prefer not to disclose

-Where are you located?

-What Sims do you race?
Recently and mostly AMS would prefer rF2 but lack of mods/car packs keeps me out. Prefer less on rF1 as I'm trying to migrate everything out of for AMS despite playing for only a month (because it has most of the mods I liked as long as it's not offered in AMS).

-Are you a Modder or Skinner?
I wish I could CGI model, newcomer skinner If I'm any good but am totally inexperienced plus I rather do Illustrator for .dds files which I don't think is possible

-How did you hear about European Endurance Center?
Downloading GT3 mod packs for AMS

-Why do you want to be a member?
To get the best out of what's available

-Write a short paragraph about you, your interests and what you'd like to accomplish by being an EEC Member
My first "sim" that I played properly was AC which lasted 2 months when the Reiza and Steam sales turned up, therefore, arose the opportunity for AMS and rF2. ATM, I don't have time for race setups or track time enough to do any online racing plus it'd dead there in both games and got tired of the AC pub servers.

I'll keep my interest lists to simply sim-racing... I considered myself retired from videogaming in 2004 since I've lost interest in it and never regained it back.

The best thing about sim racing was that it rekindled my interest in motorsport as I became less interested in modern motorsport over the last few years

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Re: Hi after a few months

Post  Kalinin on 22/2/2018, 22:03

Welcome, please add your real name to your signature

Will Mazeo
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