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[GTL117]New one on the forum (...One year after my registration)

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[GTL117]New one on the forum (...One year after my registration)

Post  GTL117 on 21/2/2018, 21:04

Hello everyone !

As you read, I'm on the forum since at least one year. It's now time to take twenty minutes to present myself.

- My name is Valérian Crétin-Dongé, 22 year-old and I'm living in France, near the city of Angers.

- What Sims do I race ? GTR-2 in particular (there is a bunch of mods, everything I was looking for ...), GTLegends (My first Sim and the first game I modded.), GTR-Evolution ... And ... Project Cars on Xbox ONE.

- Nowadays, I'm trying to be a modder, I want to participate as I can to thank all those who take time to create awesome mods !
I have a huge project in mind but it's more than ambitious for one person.

- I heard about the EEC in 2016 when I was looking for the famous Touring Cars mod and after a few hours of research, I found a video on YT and there was a reference to EEC then I arrived there !

- I'm here to take part on the Sim community (even if I'm not often connected), as I said before, I have an idea now and I want to share it and if there is any possibility to do something, finding a team to work with. I'll talk about it later.
I take pleasure to try new mods... But I'll take more pleasure when the game will be reinstalled.

- To be honest, I'm a huge Xbox ONE player and not a PC one. I'm not a competitor on Sims, it's more to have a good time when I want to change from the Forza franchise or other games on consoles. You'll never see me on online races except if it's to try some BETA mods or to play with friends.

- I have a huge passion for cars since I'm a little boy. I own a Mazda MX-3 V6 1992
If you ask me : Which is your favorite manufacturer ? I would say TVR !
Then if you ask me for my dream car, I would say : It’s not a TVR … It has a huge V10 with over 8,0l such as the Viper ! From the SR generation to the VX generation… But unfortunately, it seems to be over for the V10…
As I said before, I’m a huge player on XBOX ONE and sometimes on PC but not only, i’m playing on old consoles too, PS1, PS2, PSP, XBOX and XBOX 360 …

I hope that my presentation is enough completed !

See you soon !


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Re: [GTL117]New one on the forum (...One year after my registration)

Post  rich54 on 21/2/2018, 21:52

Welcome. Please complete by building your signature in your profile. Thank you.

Richard Kost-[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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