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Hello everyone !!

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Hello everyone !!

Post  philmahre on 20/2/2018, 17:57

-What is your name?
Filippo Marazzi
-What is your age?
-Where are you located?
Varese, Italy
-What Sims do you race?
rF, rF2, AMS
-Are you a Modder or Skinner?
Skinner with some few minor experience like Modder
-How did you hear about European Endurance Center?
internet searching for AMS mods and tracks
-Why do you want to be a member?
I like Endurance race, and I will be happy to partecipate in your league
Loving real motorsport, I play many years offline from the times of Indianapolis 500, Indycar Racing, Nascar Racing, Sports Car GT. From 2017 I discover online racing, I'm trying to recover time Very Happy
I like to be considered a membership in the Drivers Group and run online in your Leagues.

Filippo Marazzi

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Age : 49
Location : Varese, Italy

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