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Looking for a Video expert and Broadcaster

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Looking for a Video expert and Broadcaster

Post  Guest on 19/1/2018, 21:35

Hey team,
We have some public relations opportunities brewing with our newest EEC "friend" Overtake If you haven't checked out the button link below the Reiza Studios button on the left side of the main page I recommend you take a look. Pretty awesome bunch of racing enthusiasts and reporters. Make sure you take a look at the Sim Racing tab on their website and the coverage they provided to Jorrit's spectacular Gles 2 Hours of Sepang event last year.

We're looking for a dedicated EEC team member;
-Has copies of Automobilista and RFactor2.
-Enjoys making video
-Can livestream and comment clearly on the races
-Can roll all of those talents into short common format videos and music vids like Kevin Siclari's promo at the top left of the Main Page.

You don't have to be a driver. In fact it's better if you weren't. We're looking for our version of a reporter to work with Matt Walther on the PR team and possibly help the reporters at Overtake

Not every League race needs to be covered, but this will require some effort and time on your part.

Reply here and PM me.



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Re: Looking for a Video expert and Broadcaster

Post  grobo on 13/2/2018, 20:40


I have a production background and run a small production house. I have a few questions, feel free to PM me

Jon Grabowski

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