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Hi there/Bonjour!

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Hi there/Bonjour!

Post  Ryder7 on 13/12/2017, 00:27

What is your name?
Christophe Deptit

-What is your age?

-Where are you located?
France, Brittany

-What Sims do you race?

-Are you a Modder or Skinner?
Only for my own personal usage, because of the bad quality of the job and the lack of knowledges and good modding tools...

-How did you hear about European Endurance Center?
I was looking around the internet for good 24H du MANS mod for GTR2, and i wanted to race it with real people, which i never did, and voilà!

-Why do you want to be a member?
I think that i can greatly improve my driving skills with other humans, and also, it seems to be nice to talk with people about one of my passions.

-Write a short paragraph about you, your interests and what you'd like to accomplish by being an EEC Member:

About Race cars: I used to be a mechanic/engineer with Rally-cross engines VQ35 (3.5L V6 Nissan), and race mechanic, i've been also a road car mechanic, but nowadays i'm working in a plane factory. Still, i love old cars and motorcycles, and i'm keeping them alive during my free time.
About race sims: i played Gran Turismo from the first one to the fourth, then i discovered TOCA2/3, Colin McRae 3/2005 (RIP sir!Crying or Very sad )... and the necessity of not destroying the car while racing!
As i also love war planes and were busy with Falcon BMS 4.33, i came back to cars when i discovered by chance simbin race sims when i found Race07/Evo last summer. As the version i bought was a second hand already registered, i couldnt join any online race, but despite that, and the age of that game, i found it amazing and quite 'faclon BMS-like', or 'ARMA-like' but with cars: mid to hardcore sim, old but good game, with a huge community of players/modders, everything i enjoy with gaming. Then, i recently bought GTR2 steam version, so i hope i can finally race with you people, and (thanks to modders) especially at Le Mans circuit which is located near the place i was born, with LMP1/2 cars... Last words: as i'm french, please forgive my weird English language, and nice to meet you guys! Very Happy

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Christophe Deptit

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Age : 32
Location : France

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Re: Hi there/Bonjour!

Post  rich54 on 13/12/2017, 01:36

Nice presentation. One suggestion-check your avatar size. Go to profile and make sure it's under 200 wide. Under 150 is even better. And no higher than 600. The re-size will help people read your presentation. (Thanks to decpau for the measurements)

Richard Kost-[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Re: Hi there/Bonjour!

Post  Guest on 13/12/2017, 02:22

Welcome!!  I too am a huge aviation fan. But that aside you will really enjoy the GTR2 community here. One of best guys just finished THE GTR2 Mod. Absolute must have.
Unfortunately we no longer run GTR2 online.
But Automobilista and rF2 are offered. I hope you'll look into acquiring one (AMS is very cheap on steam right now) and maybe run with us in the future.
Reduce your avatar size as Rich outlined. Just look at others to get it right.
It's been a forum issue with clear instructions lately that I've fixed. Avatar size = max 150x300 pixels and 64kb please. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.


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Re: Hi there/Bonjour!

Post  angeleinma on 13/12/2017, 22:52

Welcome to EEC, Christophe. Enjoy drive

Angel Cañas      [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Re: Hi there/Bonjour!

Post  sleeperz on 14/12/2017, 17:34

Hello and welcome to EEC!

Alexander Gulidov [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Helmets collection for GTR2 EEC

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Re: Hi there/Bonjour!

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