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EEC Forum Rules

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EEC Forum Rules

Post  Guest on 19/11/2017, 20:59

Applying for Approved-User Membership
1. Register at the forum
2. Click the profile button at the top of the Forum Page
-Select the Avatar button at the top and load your avatar.  Follow the directions and rules!
-Select the Signature button at the top and build your signature.  Your signature must contain your real first and last name.  Additional customization is allowed but follow these rules:
3. Post your introduction in this thread:
English is the language for our forum. Use a translator if needed. We are a diverse and welcoming community. Don't worry about how fluent your English is. You will be most welcome.
Your introduction must include the following information:
-What is your name?
-What is your age?
-Where are you located?
-What Sims do you race?
-Are you a Modder or Skinner?
-How did you hear about European Endurance Center?
-Why do you want to be a member?
-Write a short paragraph about you, your interests and what you'd like to accomplish by being an EEC Member
4. Wait at least 10 days as members review your introduction and give you "thumbs up" points.  Once you've earned at least 5 points for a good introduction the Admin will consider you for User Group membership and give you access to locked content.

Forum Rules of Conduct
1. No profanity or pornography is allowed at EEC.
2. Refrain from Political and Religious discussions.  There are other sights to engage in those topics.  This site is about auto racing and Sim Racing.
3. Adult and direct discussions are encouraged.  We are an adult sight.  Discussion may be direct, but must also be respectful, but you should be able to give and take a joke when no malice was intended.  Repeated "jokes" or "sarcasm" against a specific member will however be looked at as malice or trolling.
4. Do not post links to political, religious, sexual or controversial content.
5.  Only one account is allowed per user.  Multiple accounts from an IP address will result in a user Ban of that address unless specific permission is received from an Administrator.
6.  Direction from a Moderater or an Administrator will be followed at all times by the members without argument.
7.  Sim Mod content posted here at EEC must contain credits for the creators of the original content as well as any updates or conversions.
8.  Sim content creators desiring limited access to their work should contact the Administrators on ways to limit distribution (beta testing, etc.).  
9.  WE ARE PRIVATE.  Content (including mods, skins, links, images and text) posted within the forum is private. We ask that under no circumstances is it given out via emails, messages, forums, blogs or any other mean, without the consent of the mod’s creator and original poster. You are welcome to reference it or link it to our site and allow people to find it by applying for membership here.  Do not share EEC content with non-members or post content provided here in other Forums or Sites without the expressed permission of the Creator or poster here at EEC.  Violation of this rule will lead to an immediate Ban from EEC.
10.  EEC was created to be a haven for Modders and Online Racers seeking a friendly and open community with respect and appreciation for everyone. Do not criticize work unconstructively (without offering suggestions) and do not insult, put down or deride someone's contribution to the community.
11.  Follow all Forum format rules for the posting of content.  Do not change the default colors of Forum Topic threads!  That is reserved for Admins and EEC Team member use to draw attention to important posts.

Forum Username color codes
EEC Team  
Approved Users

Applying to be in the Drivers Group
1. In your Presentation you can state whether you want to be considered for membership in the Drivers Group and run online in our Leagues.
2. In the League Series thread ask to be considered for membership in the Drivers Group.


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