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EEC Online Competition Rules Updated

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EEC Online Competition Rules Updated

Post  Guest on 17/11/2017, 01:01

EEC League rules updated for 2018.

No big changes.  Leagues (AMS and RF2) as well as series within the leagues will have some specific rules they will run at the discretion of the Steward as long as they don't conflict with posted EEC rules. Specific penalties and other items are up to the League Stewards to decide.

The "EEC Team" is identified at the post above for new member and driver applicant visibility.

Please extend some gratitude to Milan, Jorrit, Cameron and Matt as they take up the trials and tribulations of making this fun for all of us.
Also, please take the opportunity to extend some gratitude to Will, who kept us going through a tough year in 2017 and who has graciously offered to continue helping me and the team out in the background on technical and administrative issues as an "emeritus" Steward.
Thanks for all you've done. Finish strong in 2017. I hope we do you proud as the EEC team moves into 2018.


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