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Hello from Scotland

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Hello from Scotland

Post  TheLuigi755 on 22/7/2017, 23:31

What's your real name, age?
Matt Elwin. Recently turned 18.
From where you are?
Edinburgh, Scotland.
Which Sim games do you play?
GTR2, rFactor 1, NR2003 and Gran Turismo 6.
How did You know about EEC Team? (If its a friend or from a different site please tell write who it is too)
Another site alerted me to the presence of this forum - I just don't remember what it was...
Do you ever race online?
I used to run in Gran Turismo 6 endurance leagues. Nowadays, I run races offline. But who knows, I might come back to league racing one day...
Do you have enough free time to run on sundays?
Do you know something about modding, skinning?
I sometimes make my own skins, however I've never publicly posted any. If I could get the ability (and time) to make good-quality skins, then I'd happily share them with others.
Any problem for you if we give access only for some Mods?
As mentioned before, I am thinking about possibly joining online leagues. Please don't restrict me to mods-only access!
Are you here only to grab mods and then leave us?
No chance! I love interacting with communities who share the same interests as me.
Just an advance warning - I don't always have the time to be part of forum communities. If I'm not as active as you'd like me to be, blame me, not yourselves.
Please, write a few words about you (hobbies, sports, job, etc):
I have always loved motorsport - ever since I was a little kid - and can get pretty vocal about certain racing-related topics at times! Most of my activity in the area of gaming comes from sim racing games, which I have actually been playing since I was 4. You're never too young to start racing.
Sometimes, I like to imagine what racing would be like if certain things happened (or never happened). Like "what if GT1 and GT2 never died off?", "what if there was a sprint racing series for LMPs?" and "what if the Super GT never adopted DTM regulations?"
For some reason, I don't watch a lot of racing - mainly because I'm stuck with a Freeview DVR, and all the good racing isn't available through my antenna...
Outside of racing, I'm also interested in the fields of television, Japanese pop culture and other assorted random things that I don't feel like going into detail about - if so, I'd be here pretty much all day.

Matt Elwin


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Re: Hello from Scotland

Post  Guest on 23/7/2017, 00:25

Welcome Matt.
One of the great things about Sim racing is that you can build and run those what-if scenarios.
BTW, here in the US we "have" GT1 and GT2. It's called GTLM and GTD - LOL.
Have fun!


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