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A rarity, from the Phillipines!

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A rarity, from the Phillipines!

Post  Adrian Padel on 25/5/2017, 02:11

Very Happy Very Happy


My main and most active game on my PC is GTR 2, and I do a lot of private tweaking to existing mods by modifying engine files, adjusting gearing and reducing weight among others.

I'm considering taking up 3D modeling to convert a Super Formula mod from rF2 while getting aud files from existing mods.

Examples of what I can do so far: (I will not release the tweaked cars to not steal credit from the creators.)

- Ruf RGT-8 GT3 and Renault RS.01 from SidStalker's Project Cars conversion mod with 970 hp, 945kg, 7 gears, adjusted gearing and downforce

- SGT500 NSX with a buffed 412T2 engine, created by replacing original .aud files with those of an Aston Martin (original mod by some cool Japanese guys)

- Current spec  Indy DW12 with a fictional 1100hp 2.7 liter V10 + "hybrid motors" revving to 15000 rpm

With every mod I tweak, I learn more about simple coding and slight tweaking to make a car go much, much quicker. It gets easier when you consider the existence of nice aftermarket audio files, Tom's Engine Shop, and the Gear Ratio Calculator.

Cheers, and Mabuhay! cheers cheers
Adrian Padel

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Re: A rarity, from the Phillipines!

Post  alexmezza on 25/5/2017, 12:09

Check this thread to complete your presentation... Wink

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Alexandre Mezzacasa  
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