AMS CART Extreme Indy Car skin package

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AMS CART Extreme Indy Car skin package

Post  decpau on 23/3/2017, 14:30

My original  package for GSCEx is here;

This is an update for AMS with a few skin changes, some new skins and file updates to support AMS.  This is just a drop in skin package with it's own loading srs.
You need the CART Extreme Mod to run these skins.
This package will not over-write any original files and is drop and play.
Some skins are from various authors posted at RFactor Central ( with all credit to the original skinners.  All I did on most of those was correct hdv files for proper tires, chassis and engine configurations, update numbers, add graphics and add helmets where needed.

The Conseco, Menards and Quaker State cars are original skins from me.

Download: file/noxgab2p3gn6yqt/

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