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Hi racers

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Hi racers

Post  YutaAsahinaGTC on 19/1/2017, 05:06

Okay, I was kind of shy of doing introductions, but here I finally come.

What's your real name, age?
My name is Kale Persichetti. I was born the the 11th of August of 1999.

From where you are?
I am from Australia.

Which Sim games do you play?
The racing sims I play on my Laptop are GTR2, rFactor, Race 07/GTR Evo (sometimes I play Assetto Corsa).

How did You know about EEC Team? (If its a friend or from a different site please tell write who it is too)
I found this place when I was looking for the new GT3 and LMP1 cars.

Do you ever race online?
I don't race online, but I would love to on GTR2, I have now got my key code registered for GTR2 and would like to play online.

Do you have enough free time to run on sundays? (Only important if you want to drive online)
If I can find out more on multiplayer servers for GTR2, I could race sometimes. Also, I used to race online in Gran Turismo 6 on my PS3.

Do you know something about modding, skinning?
I only have experience with installing mods, but I would like to improve on skinning. I got Paint.NET and GIMP 2.8.

Any problem for you if we give access only for some Mods?
I wouldn't have any problem if I got access to some mods.

Are you here only to grab mods and then leave us?
I am not just here for the mods, also to find people to race online with, and once I get 3DSimED, I would like to make some of the Gr.3 cars from Gran Turismo Sport.

Please, write a few words about you (hobbies, sports, job, etc):
And my other hobbies outside racing sims are watching anime/reading manga + drawing their characters, going out for walks, hanging out with my friends and playing with my pet cat.

I hope my presentation was ok.

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Re: Hi racers

Post  LudwigAudi on 19/1/2017, 10:12

Welcome to the EEC, Kale ! Nice presentation, it deserves my vote thumps up thumbs

I'm not sure about it, but I think we don't have a GTR2 server anymore at this moment.  Maybe someone can clarify that further for you, since I am not a specialist in that matter.

You can find a 20-day trial of 3dsimed here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

PS: don't forget tot put your full name in your signature

Ludwig Vermeylen [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]   #PRAYFORBRUSSELS  #JESUISBELGE

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Re: Hi racers

Post  harvestmouse on 19/1/2017, 10:13

Same birthday as me! Welcome.

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Lee Day

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Re: Hi racers

Post  mattwal1996 on 19/1/2017, 11:00

Welcome to EEC mate, I hope you enjoy you're time here Very Happy

Matthew Walther; Bathurst Australia
3rd - 2016 Le Mans Series - GT Am - Reiter Engineering Gallardo LP600 FL2
5th - 2016 ADAC GT Masters - Trophy - #22 Prosperia UHC Audi R8 LMS Ultra
8th - 2016/17 EEC GT Series - GT Am - #61 Commonwealth Autosports Audi R8 LMS
10th - 2016/17 EEC LMS Series - GTE - #61 Commonwealth Autosports Ferrari 488 GTE
5th - 2017 EEC GT America - Silver - #61 Commonwealth by VANDAS Engineering Nissan GTR GT3
4th - 2017 EEC International Endurance Cup - GT - #66 Commonwealth by VANDAs Engineering Nissan GTR GT3 #Mintzilla

We race for fun and to make friendships, winning is not everything
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Re: Hi racers

Post  alexmezza on 19/1/2017, 13:35

Hi Kale and welcome to EEC... Wink

Alexandre Mezzacasa  
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Re: Hi racers

Post  Kalinin on 23/1/2017, 12:17

Please add your real name to your signature

Will Mazeo
The only way to God is called Jesus, not religion, just Jesus.
EEC Team

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Post  Dan Gurney on 23/1/2017, 16:32


Francesco Bello
Dan Gurney

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Re: Hi racers

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