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Hello of BERGER from Brazil

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Hello of BERGER from Brazil

Post  BERGER on Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:10 pm

Hi guys, follow my answers:

What's your real name, age?
I´m 43yo and my name is Ruthemberg Almeida, BUT (and alway have a "but"), there are 18 years I use just "Ruthem BERGER" as my driver name,  this is almost the same way to write my first name and a tribute to Gerard Berger, a great AustrianF1 driver to me. But the main cause is why I´m a chief executive office (CEO) of a multinational IT Enterprise here in Brazil and in my job position this is not looking good be involved with games, than I prefer be hide behind codename. I hope you undestand and give me the pass.

From where you are?
From Campinas City, Brazil.

Which Sim games do you play?
I play racing games since 1996 (GP2, GP3, GP4...F1 2005/2015) but actually I have installed Game Stock Car Extreme (massive different mod and tracks), Project Cars (just cause Le Mans and Prototype cars), Automobilista and most recently the rFactor 2.

How did You know about EEC Team? (If its a friend or from a different site please tell write who it is too)
From Reiza League topic forum.

Do you ever race online?
I have 20y as virtual driver, however, online just since 2000 with "Gran Prix 3" game from Micro PROSE. Now a day, unhappyness, I can´t race more than 3 times per week.

Do you have enough free time to run on sundays? (Only important if you want to drive online)
On sundays is all right.

Do you know something about modding, skinning?
Yeah, I can do my own skins but not know about  make mods.

Any problem for you if we give access only for some Mods?
None, since the Mods are the necessary to endurances races, that is my passion.

Are you here only to grab mods and then leave us?
I believe has mods enough here, I just need of the mods uses in your championships cause I want have fun, make friends end increase my poor english lol.

Please, write a few words about you (hobbies, sports, job, etc):
Simply three hobbies:
1 - Stay most time possible with my family. Shop, trips, dinners, movie, pubs or simply in home.
2 - Virtual Automobilism - it´s needed. But I only can race 3x week.
3 - Real Kart - I´m driver  125cc Kart in a Paulista Championship on Saturdays in a Master category.

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Re: Hello of BERGER from Brazil

Post  mattwal1996 on Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:23 am

Welcome to EEC Ruthem Smile

Matthew Walther; Bathurst Australia
3rd - 2016 Le Mans Series - GT Am - Reiter Engineering Gallardo LP600 FL2
5th - 2016 ADAC GT Masters - Trophy - #22 Prosperia UHC Audi R8 LMS Ultra
8th - 2016/17 EEC GT Series - GT Am - #61 Commonwealth Autosports Audi R8 LMS
10th - 2016/17 EEC LMS Series - GTE - #61 Commonwealth Autosports Ferrari 488 GTE
5th - 2017 EEC GT America - Silver - #61 Commonwealth by VANDAS Engineering Nissan GTR GT3
4th - 2017 EEC International Endurance Cup - GT - #66 Commonwealth by VANDAs Engineering Nissan GTR GT3 #Mintzilla

We race for fun and to make friendships, winning is not everything
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Re: Hello of BERGER from Brazil

Post  Kalinin on Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:04 am

Welcome, please add your real name to your signature.

Guys give points! Look at other guys with only 1 point missing...

Will Mazeo
The only way to God is called Jesus, not religion, just Jesus.
EEC Team

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Re: Hello of BERGER from Brazil

Post  alexmezza on Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:57 am

Hi Ruthem and welcome to EEC... Wink

Alexandre Mezzacasa  
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Re: Hello of BERGER from Brazil

Post  LeMansDriver22 on Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:09 pm

Hello Ruthem Smile

Greeting Philipp

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Re: Hello of BERGER from Brazil

Post  Lmp900 on Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:22 pm

Welcome to the community Ruthem!

To finish first, you must first finish.

Matthew Cavanaugh

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Re: Hello of BERGER from Brazil

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