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AMS Showroom v1.0

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AMS Showroom v1.0

Post  PATR10T on 30/6/2016, 08:06

to say thx for 499 facebook likes i want to give something back, right now i cant release any car so i thought maybe its a good idea to share a showroom Smile

its from pcars if i remember right, some parts where wrong or bad placed so i centered every single object and placed them from new... also i splitted all the floor lamps into two materials to get a brighter lamp compared to the parts around it and did some texture changes/tweaks...

the original vview.scn will be replaced! but i added the original one as backup in case you dont like the showroom Wink just delete the vview.scn and rename the vvieworiginal.scn (gamedata/vehicles/vview.scn)

just unpack and drop the files into your ams folder... overwrite existing files? yes (its just the vview.scn as i made a extra mas file)

there two versions, a floor with the cars reflection and one without...

to switch between you have to open the vview.scn, and change two lines:

//  MeshFile=EEC_REFLECTFLOOR.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True ShadowReceiver=True
 MeshFile=EEC_NOREFLECTFLOOR.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True ShadowReceiver=True

the line without the two // is the active floor, if you want the other one just remove there both // and add them at the begin of the other line and save the file, done... should be easy Wink

 MeshFile=EEC_REFLECTFLOOR.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True ShadowReceiver=True
//  MeshFile=EEC_NOREFLECTFLOOR.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True ShadowReceiver=True

in the end both are reflective floors but at the one called noreflective you have to use a very low angle to see the reflection Wink




Daniel Ludwig
EEC Team

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Re: AMS Showroom v1.0

Post  C_Stephens on 1/7/2016, 22:43

thnx for the showroom Daniel, installed and looks great. Appreciate all the time you you put in thumps up

Chris Stephens


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Re: AMS Showroom v1.0

Post  Waco43 on 3/7/2016, 16:24

Thank You.

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Re: AMS Showroom v1.0

Post  ChaosZero on 3/7/2016, 17:38

You're welcome, by the way.

FranX JeKo D'Aloia
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Re: AMS Showroom v1.0

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