SCE CART Extreme Edition 21 Package

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SCE CART Extreme Edition 21 Package

Post  decpau on 3/6/2016, 19:11

This package was part of the base I was putting together with Uli Wagner along with aero and damage file updates to support an EEC open-wheel online racing league.  Unfortunately interest waned on that effort and it was cancelled.   The week prior to the 100th running of the Indy 500 I got inspired and finished it up as a stand alone Mod/Skin Pack.  

This is a 24 car package representing CART through the IRL to Indycar with both modified and original skins to complement Patrick Giranthon's CART Extreme Mod.  It is a stand alone playable Mod but can co-exist with the original CART Extreme Mod without conflicts.  It has not been tested with Daniel's EEC CART mod so I can't recommend having both in your installation at the same time.  

Additional skins and physics updates may get done if interest is high enough.
See the Readme for details and full credits.

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