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Tutorial for making rainscreens

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Tutorial for making rainscreens

Post  elmomarty on 3/1/2016, 11:35

Just some info I picked up recently. This is using 3dsimed version 3


What you need :

The windscreen gmt from the car you want to make the rainscreen for.
A rainscreen.gmt from a standard gtr2 car, I just use the Ferrari F550 one

1) In 3dSimed, open the windscreen gmt from the car you want to add a rainscreen to.

2) Goto ‘edit’ Hit ‘All Visible’ in top left, then faces from pop up menu, then REVERSE FACES. Don't forget this or else rain drops won't show while you're in the cockpit.

3)Open in 3dsimed the rainscreen gmt from a standard gtr2 car or one you know has one. Click ‘editing materials’ and select the material that’s there. Should be rain_anim. Click edit in bottom left. Find copy material in the little box that appears, 4th option on top from the left. Click it.  

4) Go back to your_car windscreen gmt and make sure same material edit box is open. Click 5th option along top ‘Paste Material’. Where it says Material name in that box click in there and remove whatever is in there and type RAIN_ANIM

5) Go down into animation section and change frequency to 15.0000

6) Click little green tick at top of box. Click editing materials again, select Rain_anim and click rescale tex. Change scale u to 9.00000 and click ok. This makes raindrops a reasonable size. This changes the raindrop size to bigger or smaller. All the necessary dds files are in the stex.gtr file so you don’t need to worry about them so long as your cas file has misfile=stex.gtr in it

7} Export file as GTR2 type to folder of car in gtr2 and make sure you change its name to car_rainscreen.gmt. I use the manufacturer name from the car file

Cool Add the following to your cars cas file.  I just stick it in after the motec usually. Make sure to change FERRARI_F550 to whatever you saved your file as.

<NOTSPIN><DASHHIGH>    Moveable=True
<NOTSPIN><DASHHIGH>    MeshFile=FERRARI_F550_RAINSCREEN.gmt CollTarget=False HATTarget=False LODIn=(0.0) LODOut=(2.0)

9) Run a practice session and set weather to 100% rain in the summary just to check it.

John Low

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Re: Tutorial for making rainscreens

Post  antoniog7772 on 5/1/2016, 03:25

thanx mate

Antonio Ferreira
From Porto, Portugal
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