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xUI and Showroom 1.80 by Riff

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xUI and Showroom 1.80 by Riff

Post  Guest on 3/1/2015, 06:38

So I'm going to post this mod here. Everyone who has played rfactor might know this mod pretty well. The good thing is: It works for GSC as well and finally opens up a few more options you can't get to by using the original Userinterface like the from rfactor well known car upgrades. Here's the original Readme:

xUI & Showroom v1.80 (released 21 November 2010)
Modified rFactor User Interface & Showroom
The xUI is a culmination of many ideas, drawn form various people & mod teams over the years, with a few new ideas thrown in by ourselves. So we would like to thank the work of the following -
Cubemaps in showroom created by GSFM Alien & 6e66o
Extended FFB sliders by Dangerous Beans, PeterV, KRUNCH
Layout ideas from - Historx, CTDP, GPL, GTR2
Main contributors are MaxB, Rickster, LOG, SteveP, Fiona, Matty, M Knuckey
Modders are also welcome to include & modify the xUI as part of a vehicle release. Templates will follow shortly.

xUI User Interface v1.80
Choice of 3 Showrooms
Installation Instructions

Bug Reports (Bug reports, suggestions & new ideas are welcome)
Inrace Information Page- no mini track map but has large track map
For best results use the following settings in your player file
ie ...\UserData\"your username"\"your username".PLR

Low Detail UI="0" allows high resolution GUI
(in a small minority of mods this will cause a CTD on every track load, so you'll know if the mod is incompatible with it)

Miscellaneous="1" allows zooming in showroom

Allow Letterboxing="0" allows chat & info in online replay

See the readme provided for install instructions & useful rFactor tips

And a few screens:

xUI 1.80 and Showroom by Riff


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