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Post  Guest on 27/12/2014, 21:57

After searching a bit around of how to have a good video export from rfactor based games, I found something quite good. First of all, open your PLR File and change this:

[ Miscellaneous ]
Key Repeat Rate="1"
AVI export width="1920"
AVI export height="1080"
AVI export framerate="50.00000"
AVI export quality="100.00000"
AVI compressor fourcc="FFDS" // Changes compression algorithm

This is now adjusted to Full HD, using the FFDShow Codec. To get the sound working, you need to install the AC3-Filter, which you can find here:

You will need to adjust this filter on your own.

The good thing about this is, that everyone is able to create nice replays and highlight videos on max details in max resolution, no more need of Fraps or Bandicam or whatever.

Of course you can use different resolutions and FPS Rates as well. The higher they are, the longer it takes of course, depending on your CPU as well. An example video will be added in this post later Wink


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Post  hotpup on 27/12/2014, 23:36

Thank you for this. Will really make life easier. thumbs +1

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Post  Guest on 28/12/2014, 12:19

And now, here's my first exported Full HD Video from GSCex on max details:

While exporting it, I noticed that it can be a bit buggy sometimes, so you may need a few more tries, because quality changes several times - sometimes you get ultra quality and huge files, sometimes you get bad quality and small files. But if you get ultra quality, I don't see a problem to compress it with another video editor pretty quick. This is now 1:1 out of the game Wink

Regarding AC3Filter Settings: SPDIF should be turned off and PCM should be set to "PCM Float", Bitrate at 640 kb to get the sound recorded at settings in the first post. But probably on your own computer it could be different.


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