Hey Guys

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Hey Guys

Post  Guest on 23/2/2014, 23:52

So, hello to all Simfreaks ! Wink
I wanted to introduce myself ...

I 'm Dennis Mathes , I am 19 years old and live in the great Hunsrück, Germany .
I am a true motor sport fan with petrol in their blood ! TeamSpeak I have and I guess some know me forth from the name. I work as Printer in a Media Company and my hobbies are  Motorbikes Cars Painting(GTR2) and RC Modellsport and of course the Motorsport!

My equipment consists of a Logitech G27 and an normal Desk (no Playseat... Sad)

How long you play already SimRacing ? Since 2007
What SimRacing games you 've played ? GTR , GTR2 ,GTR Evo , Race07 , GTL , R3E, DTM Racedriver 1-3.
What do you think is best ? GTR2
Did you play in a league ? No.
If so how long , and how were your experiences ? / / /
Would you participate in a 24H Simrace ? Nu with team change .
Favorite car ? Porsche 991 GT3 RSR/Porsche 997 GT3 RSR/Porsche 997 GT3R/Porsche 997 GT3 Cup MkII/HPD 03b(LMP2)
Best track? The Green Hell , Lime Rock Park, Road Atlanta , Long Beach, Mid Ohio, Laguna Seca, Searspoint(Sonama)

I have Sundays almost always time, if not I will cancel for each race.

How did you hear about us ? Through the EEC GT3 Mod and the Grid Prototype Mod

In addition to the drive I Painte also . So if there are new mods of you I would make as Painter available. Course only if you have no problem with it .

I hope you have a glimpse of me.
On a couple of fair and Amusing race!

PC Specs:

Mainboard:   ASrock Pro4
CPU:            I5 2500k @ 4.2Ghz
RAM:           16 GB G skill Ripjaws 2133mhz
GPU:           Gainward Phantom GTX 770

Proxymite (Dennis Mathes) Wink


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Re: Hey Guys

Post  humpmedumpme on 24/2/2014, 06:02

Hello Dennis and welcome to EEC Smile Great bio you've written for yourself thumps up 
I was a pressman in my former life and used to be fluent in Heidelberg lol! +1

Phil Jones aka hmmguy
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Re: Hey Guys

Post  Kalinin on 24/2/2014, 18:18

Welcome. Please add your real name to your signature.

Will Mazeo
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Hey Guys...;-)

Post  Guest on 25/2/2014, 22:11

Hey Guys i made an update of my Signature...have a nice Day.....and im not a triple acc of D.Hoffmann.... Very Happy

Here a little skin Preview of a skin form DM2zzion (Sebastian Holler) and me.




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Re: Hey Guys

Post  SearleD on 26/2/2014, 00:39

I could have sworn I replied to this thread....I might be going senile  scratch 

Hello Dennis and welcome to the forum  Smile 

David Searle [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Re: Hey Guys

Post  rich54 on 26/2/2014, 03:11

Welcome and enjoy

Richard Kost-[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Re: Hey Guys

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