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Hi there!

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Hi there!

Post  pbmaster on 8/6/2012, 10:37

So my turn has come in regards of presentations. Shall I make a .ppt too? Very Happy

Well, I guess most of you know me already. My real name is Jozsef, I live in beautiful Hungary, and I am a university student. Of course, I LOVE racing, in every possible way. I watch basicly ever kind of racing, but I do prefer GT and Touringcar racing over other kinds.
I am a born Porsche fan, my father is a Porsche fan too Very Happy But I also love Italian cars. I have an Alfa 33 rally car in real life, on which I am working constantly. In the current economical situation it is very difficult (especially in Hungary, because we have a stupid government) but of course my aim is to go racing with that car soon.

I have been in the simracing community for quite a number of years now. Started 'serious' racing with F-1 Challange, but since the GTL/GTR2/rFactor trio came out, I barely touched an other racing game. I did try them all, but compared to GTR2, they all disappointed me, so I stick to the beloved GTR2 🐱

I know a bit about modding and a bit about skinning too, but since my university studies I have no freetime left for such things, so I dont consider myself useful in that aspect. Once I had a mod project called, Bathurst 24H (the thread is still at NG) but I think it won't be finished for GTR2, maybe for GTR3 in the future, who knows....
In the community I am blessed to call many of you friends Smile
To this site, my two buddies Adrian (panzerjager) and Andris (ikszde) invited me. I am also a close friend of Wildman, whom you might know by his BPR mod. I had the opportunity to work on it with him, and I must say it was a very nice time. He did such an enourmous job with that mod! The models might not be Forza or SHIfT quality, but he did it all alone, and the skins were done only by a few friends (like me) and not by professional, paid game developpers. In the end, I think it turned out to be a great mod with very good physics. Hopefully we will have some online fun with it sooner or later!

Simracing wise, I have a quite old PC, which can barely cope with the new, high poly models anymore. The poor CPU of mine is a single core and it is six years old now. I race with Logitech G25, and I am those few guys who go for the racing experiance and not for the results. When a car has a sequential or a H-pattern gearbox in real, then I drive it the same way in the game. I also drive in simulation mode, always in cockpit view, using manual clutch and without any driving aids at all. Sometimes it makes me slower but I don't really drive for championships. (Once we calculated with Wildman that the hood view-paddle shifter combination can be between 1.5 and 2 seconds faster on a normal track than the cockpit view-sequential box combination. Of course it depends on the car, the setup and the track too. If the car is a beast to drive, it is 2 sec. if it is easy, it is 1 sec.)
Having said that, I take no prisoners on the track, but I also consider myself fair when racing. (correct me, if I am wrong Razz ) During my whole simracing career I never-ever crashed into somebody on purpose. I always try to race as they do it in real, thus I try to avoid situations which would be penalised in the real life.

Well, what else shall I say?
I don't want to steal more time from your life, so I just shut up now. As you can see, I have a dentency to not post many, but when I post it is a length of a novel 🐷
If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or write a pm.
Cheers cheers

Jozsef Ondrek
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Re: Hi there!

Post  PATR10T on 8/6/2012, 10:49

no no questions... before u write another big text lol! hehehe

welcome pbmaster cheers

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Re: Hi there!

Post  Xtra-Large on 8/6/2012, 10:59

Huge Presentation and very nice welcome Pbmaster cheers

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Re: Hi there!

Post  panzerjager on 8/6/2012, 14:08

Yea always a pbmaster style long and great comment, which we love to read! Welcome abroad mate! Very Happy

Adrian Makai
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Re: Hi there!

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